What's Cooking? - August 2, 2016

By Stephan Reilly

It’s been a couple weeks since we got back from Montreal Comic Con but it feels like that was last year. We’ve been nonstop here in the studio continuing work on all our amazing projects. From Twitch streaming to the development of our VR titles to a VR port, we’re super excited about. It’s been a flurry of awesomeness! So let’s go over what we’ve been up to!

PlayStation VR Development

We got our PlayStation VR devkit and were so excited we made an unboxing video that’s doing quite well on our YouTube channel! We’ll be porting bloxiq VR to PSVR and will be releasing our other VR projects on PSVR in the future. We’ve already got our team working on figuring out PlayStation’s headset and technology so we can start development soon!

More Music

We had our amazing musician Louis Perron back in the studio to record new music for bloxiq VR. Each of the game’s 7 worlds will have a brand new looping song for players to enjoy while they’re solving puzzles! The songs Louis created are wonderful and we’re so happy with the results. He was here for a whole week and he’ll be back soon to make more music for us!

PAX West Planning

In case you missed it, we got into PAX West, the largest gaming fan convention in North America. Kind of a big deal, right? We’ll be showing off a new build of First Impact: Rise of a Hero for fans. As you can imagine, a lot of planning goes into attending a convention as big as PAX West so there’s a lot of work ahead of us in the weeks leading up to the actual event in the first week of September. We can’t wait to meet the attendees and other developers!

bloxiq VR Progress!

We’re getting closer to being able to launch bloxiq VR on VR platforms! We’re working on getting bloxiq VR on as many platforms as possible. Currently, we’re looking at HTC Vive, Oculus Rift with touch controller support, PlayStation VR and OSVR (Open Source VR). We want to get bloxiq VR in the hands of as many players as possible and we believe getting out this early in the VR lifecycle with so few puzzle games already available will really help. Our team has been hard at work getting the game in tip-top shape so that players can enjoy the gorgeous environments and challenging puzzles soon.

Company Picnic

We took the team out for a lovely company picnic to celebrate all the awesome work being done! We laid out a blanket and ate sandwiches and relaxed after a hard week of game development. It was wonderful. We even got a group picture!

What’s Next…

The majority of our team is working on another (top secret) VR project that’s coming together wonderfully. Other than that we’re still planning to do streams every Wednesday at 2pm EST over on so be sure to tune in and say hello! That’s all for now… Red Meat!