What's Cooking? - August 22, 2016

By Stephan Reilly

It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over. We’ve been nonstop here in the studio making games, videos, Twitch streams, cheesecake, and other awesome things. We’re nearing bloxiq VR’s completion, which as Red Meat Games’ first foray into the VR market has us excited and nervous at the same time. We’re also prepping for PAX West and Fan Expo, two conventions happening the first weekend in September. We’ll be sending teams to demo our game at both conventions so there’s a lot of coordination involved. Other than that, our team is still giving 110% to make sure our projects are the very best that they can be. So let’s take a look!

bloxiq VR nearing completion!

We’re a little more than away from launching our first virtual reality project and we could not be more excited! bloxiq VR will be Red Meat Games’ first venture into publishing games in the VR market. We're very proud to announce that Bloxiq VR is releasing on Steam and the HTC Vive on Tuesday, August 30th. For Blot Interactive, this represents the next step in an incredible game journey from mobile to VR. It has been such an honour to work with Blot Interactive on bloxiq VR and having the opportunity to showcase our ability to bring high-quality, immersive virtual reality games to players. For Red Meat Games this title represents our first VR title of many we plan on releasing to cement ourselves as one of the best VR studios in the games industry. We can't stress how fun it’s been bringing bloxiq to VR but we’re even more thrilled by the hours of entertainment the final game offer players!

PAX West/ Fan Expo Planning

Red Meat Games got into both PAX West AND Fan Expo but for some reason, both are happening the same weekend!! Ah!!! It’s alright though we’ve done some strategic planning and are now sending two teams, one to each convention. So whether you’re at America’s biggest gaming fan convention or Canada’s biggest fan convention, Red Meat Games will be there to show you our awesome virtual reality game First Impact: Rise of a Hero (and maybe some BLoxiq if you're really interested). So be sure to reach out to us, say hi and try our games! Also be sure to ask Keith about his toe flossing tips and tricks, he's very eager to enlighten folks about this important hygienic practice.

OSVR HDK 2.0 and Razer Hydra now in the studio!

The fine folks over at Razer and Open Source VR have kindly sent us not only an OSVR HDK 2 virtual reality headset but two- that’s right two- Hydra motion controller sets! We cannot wait to start bringing our VR games to this awesome platform and providing amazing game experiences to OSVR and Razer gamers. We made an unboxing video for each device, one for the OSVR HDK 2.0 and another for the Razer Hydra. Be sure to watch our unboxing videos and our other awesome videos over on our YouTube channel!

Other projects…

As always, just a small tease that we are indeed working on unannounced VR projects that are really awesome and you will totally geek out over but we cannot talk about yet. Why bring them up then? Just to make sure you come back for more ;)

Wrap Up

So…with so much happening how can you stay up to date? Well be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as tune into our weekly Twitch stream every Wednesday at 2pm EST over at That’s all for now (probably) but remember… Red Meat!