What's Cooking? - July 4, 2016

By Stephan Reilly

What a week! We had our first twitch live stream, officially announced the title of our upcoming superhero VR game First Impact: Rise of a Hero and had our CEO give a talk at VRTO in Toronto. It’s an awesome and exciting time here at Red Meat Games so let’s talk about what’s going on!

First Impact Reveal

Last week we exclusively revealed our upcoming superhero VR game on Upload VR, a virtual reality focused news site. The reveal did quite well, garnering over 100,000 views! We’re very excited to continue development of First Impact and share it with the world when it launches next year! If you missed the reveal be sure to read Upload VR’s article right here.

Our First Twitch Stream!

We had our video expert Darren come into the office to help us get set up and get rolling for our first ever twitch stream. Our CEO Keith donned the Vive headset and played First Impact for about 15 minutes. We used a technique called “mixed reality” where by using a green screen and some behind the scenes magic, we were able to place Keith in the game. If you’re interested in watching, then you can find the video right here! We will absolutely be doing more streams in the future so follow us on Twitter to find out when or subscribe to our Twitch channel redmeatplays.

VRTO Presentation

Our very own Keith Makse, CEO and comic book lover, gave a speech at VRTO in Toronto just yesterday June 27. Reception on Twitter was very positive, we got several tweets from excited attendees and kind remarks from VR developers. Keith’s talk entitled “Dreaming of Superman” gave a look into the many benefits and challenges that come with developing for VR.

Updated YouTube Channel

Our wonderful artist Birg created some brand new channel art for out YouTube channel! We will be using our channel to upload old twitch streams, trailers and gameplay videos. If you want to take a look head over to our YouTube channel!

Another VR project?!?

You may be thinking to yourself “wow, making a VR game as ambitious as First Impact has to be extremely time-consuming” and you’re absolutely right. But without giving anything way we are working on other VR projects (you read that right, projects plural). Do not worry about First Impact, however, we are still entirely committed to delivering the greatest superhero VR experience that’s ever existed! But we firmly believe in VR and want to push the hardware with exciting, engaging and most importantly new experiences. So we will be working on several VR titles to best ensure we can be a studio that our fans will come to love for our awesome VR games (in addition to our meat related puns).

What’s next…

In the coming weeks development of our VR projects is going full steam ahead with everyone working tirelessly to make the best games we can. We will be hosting another Twitch stream soon so stay tuned for more information on that. Also, if you’re a developer who will be attending Casual Connect in San Francisco at the end of July we will be there! Be sure to reach out if you want to connect. That’s everything, for now, we’ll talk to you next week. Red Meat!