What's Cooking? - June 21, 2016

By Stephan N. Reilly

It’s an exciting time here at Red Meat Games. At the start of the month, we hired a bunch of new interns (myself included) to help our team make exciting new experiences in VR as well as help get our existing games into untapped markets. With all the new help our studio will continue to be a powerhouse of creativity into the summer.

First Impact: Rise of a Hero
Our main focus at the moment is our superhero virtual reality game entitled First Impact: Rise of a Hero. We’ve been hard at work making First Impact the reality of the dream we’ve all had since we were children of being a superhero. Flying around the city, fighting thugs and throwing cars with your hands are just a few of the amazing superhuman things that players will be able to do in First Impact. The game is still very early in development but we are already receiving amazing feedback from players who have tried the game. We took the game to Niagara Comic Con at the beginning of the month and players were amazed by how immersive and exciting flying in virtual reality was. Our booth drew in plenty of curious fans, most of whom were trying virtual reality for the very first time.

This past week we had Louis Perron (@Louisperronmusic on Instagram) in our studio recording music for First Impact as well as other projects. He worked with our sound designer, Reid Price, making some incredible songs and sound effects for First Impact. Development of First Impact will continue full steam ahead as we prepare to launch in late 2017. But that isn’t all we have up our sleeves…

Video Content coming THIS WEEK! 
We are SUPER excited (get it??) to announce that we will start streaming games and projects on Twitch! We have been hard at work looking for interesting and entertaining ways to showcase VR on Twitch as well as YouTube. We are working with Darren Hutchings to use green screens and an awesome camera setup to put the player wearing the VR headset into the video where they would actually be in the game. We first saw this technique in a brilliant video for the 
Vive game. Fantastic Contraption, which you can watch here for an idea of what we will be doing! We will be doing our first stream this upcoming Wednesday starting at 2:00 pm, so head on over to redmeatplays on Twitch to watch!

That’s all for now, be sure to follow Red Meat Games on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for more updates and tune into our twitch stream this Wednesday at 2 pm. Red Meat!