What's Cooking - October 27, 2016

On Tuesday, October 25th, we had the opportunity to talk to a group of fellow developers about the joys and challenges of being an independent game studio. It was a lot of fun getting to connect with them and we’re sure that we all learned a lot from each others’ experiences. We also have a couple of updates with respect to our games.


First Impact: Rise of a Hero

If you haven’t been to yet, then you are doing yourself a disservice. We’ve been making updates to the game’s art style and it’s looking amazing! We’re so excited to continue development and focus on refining the key aspects of the games so that players can truly enjoy it.

Website Banner for First Impact: Rise of a Hero

We’ll be updating the site with more of the concept art, wallpapers and other cool things as time goes on. We hope that you sign up to be part of the mailing list to receive exclusive offers for the game!


Wits and Warfare

As if it wasn’t enough to make an update to First Impact’s website, we finally launched the website for Wits and Warfare. Woot! You can check out the website at From that website, you can check out when we have special promotions coming up in-game as well as get access to download and play the game!

Website Banner for Wits and Warfare

Remember, Wits and Warfare is free to play so don’t delay. Download today and become the number one trivia and empire guru on the interwebs!



Pictures, pictures, pictures…our Instagram account ( has been heating up. Everyday we are updating it with new content such as concept art, funny office developments and of course stunning visuals about stuff we’re making. We also are going to be launching a new contest that can give 3 lucky people some cool prizes. Check us on Instagram and our other social media channels to find out more details.

That’s it for this week but check us out later to hear more about tips for VR and Mobile development as well as to find out which events we’re attending in a city near you!