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27 November, 2015

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All the mad scientists around the world are competing with each other trying to prove the equation for the Universal Theory. Choose your branch of science and build your research facility, and steal research from your fellow contestants! Test your mettle in this conflict of intellect and nerve through the strategic use of resources! You are destined to bring enlightenment to the world with this ultimate battle of Wits & Warfare!


Wits and Warfare was Red Meat Games’ fourth mobile game to come to market. The development process was especially exciting because we got to integrate our in-house artificial intelligence system ‘DAISy’, in order to create a truly dynamic game experience for players. As a recipient of the Canada Media Fund Experimental Fund program, we are proud as a studio to have created such an innovative game that blends strategy and trivia. This innovation has been recognized not only by ourselves but by Microsoft, as we won the Project Goa competition at MIGS in Montreal 2015. The victory provided more than financial support from Microsoft, it also provided some valuable insight on game development strategies through a trip to the Microsoft Game Studios. Currently, Wits and Warfare has been soft-launched within Canada, but there are exciting plans for the future…


  • Choose your Mad Scientist to be your avatar and wield unique powers.
  • Research new technologies and construct new buildings.
  • Harvest your knowledge to answer trivia questions to earn extra resources or abilities in battle.
  • Steal your opponents’ research with your minions.
  • PVP combat in a fully 3D environment.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Microsoft Project Goa Winner" Montreal, 17 November, 2015

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About Red Meat Games

We're an indie game studio with award winning mobile games currently working on virtual reality projects!

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Wits and Warfare Credits

Keith Makse
CEO, Red Meat Games

Norma Rossler
CFO, Red Meat Games

Todd MacIntyre
Producer, Red Meat Games

Charlotte Armstrong
Community Manager

Alvin Aquino, Abbie Fisher, Birg Shulz, Brock Curry, Jessica Nolet, Katie Fry-Matt, Mike Grills, Mitch Winter and Wade Turner

Destin Joyal, Geoff Smith and Derick Wiebe

Louis Perron and Reid Price
Music and Audio

Genesis Centre
Special Thanks

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks